About Us & Our Partners
- iCOLLEGE of the Philippines is a unique convergence of TECHVOC, HIGHER EDUCATION, Education-Media-Information-Technology HUB, and CPD Provider learning institution since 2009 - AIJC, NOW Corp, TESDA, CHED, FICTAP, DepEd - shaping tomorrow today with specialists and experts from the academe and the industries
Who we are
iCollege schools nationwide iCOMPUTERS and top of the line, cutting-edge satellite, fiber-on-air, wirelesss broadband technology...inter-personally – innovative – inter/multi-disciplinary – industry-based – interconnected

We are an academe-industry initiative of the Asian Institute of Journalism and Communication (AIJC) and NOW Corporation

Mel V. Velarde, Chairman

Ramon Guillermo R. Tuazon, President

Pierangelo B. Alejo, Managing Director

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Telephone Number: (+63) 2 7400396 or (+63) 2 7434321
Cellphone Number: (+63)9267562426
Facebook: www.facebook.com/icollegephils
E-mail: icollegemla@gmail.com